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Care Home Refurbishment

Many of the care homes built in the 1980s and 1990s are in good locations, with reasonable space standards and good outdoor space but are in need of an update/refresh to maximise their potential.

Taylex Interiors has undertaken many such refurbishment projects which generally start with a cost-benefit analysis to see if the project makes commercial sense before we look at any physical changes or extensions.

We have advised operators with a single care home as well as large corporate and voluntary sector clients who want a full-scale review of all of their assets with a view to maximising potential.

Many sites can take additional building; many will already be maximised but could benefit from internal re-configuration work and some may make more commercial sense to sell or redevelop before they deteriorate to the point where they become economically unviable.

Our typical services in this category include

  • Assessment of the current physical structure, servicing and the flow of staff and residents through the building
  • A national and local planning policy review to assess how any proposed physical changes are likely to be viewed by the authorities
  • SWOT analysis
  • Options appraisal with detailed floorplans being produced and cost for each option
  • Recommendations

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